PVD Coating Service

Not only will we provide you with outstanding grinding services but we we also provide PVD coating as well. The benefits of PVD technology are improved hardness of substrate surface.

Applying PVD coating can increase the hardness 3 to 5 times without impairing tolerance and quality of coated parts. Having increased wear resistance and higher hardness gives cutting tools and forming tools etc. much better protection against abrasive wear.

Oxidation resistance can be increased by adding a layer of protection coating on substrate surface. Applying PVD coatings increases productivity for working components, such as cutting tools, able to achieve a higher feed rate.

List of coatings are: TiN, ALTiN, TiCN, TiAIN, ZrN, CrN, AITiN, and TiAlCrN.


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We will provide you quality tooling with a fast turnaround at a reasonable cost.

Our wide range of services include reconditioning of dull cutting tools, special tool modifications, custom tools per prints as well as sales & distribution of High Performance Solid Carbide, H.S.S. & Cobalt Cutting Tools.

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